Spatap develops an eco-friendly portable shower



The Spatap is an eco-friendly, water saving device that can provide sanitation to anyone in the world whilst also benefitting the environment.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Spatap has the ability to ration out 2L of water to provide up to 30 hand washes, or 3 showers, for both children and adults. The way the Spatap rations water is central to its functionality, as it limits water wastage and allows maximum utility.

Made from 100% recyclable materials, the Spatap is working to help the environment and decrease pollution by minimizing the waste of plastic bottles.

Approximately 13% of all plastic bottles are recycled, with the rest taking years to decompose and causing damage to our environment. If not recycled, plastic bottles end up in landfills, riverbeds or our oceans, yet the Spatap aims to increase the number of plastic bottles that are re-used to help stop this pollution.

The Spatap works as a form of ‘upcycling’. Upcycling takes waste products and converts them into material that is more beneficial to people and the environment.

With its unique force fit system for any bottle, the Spatap is convenient for any person to use as frequently or infrequently as they like.

According to the World Water Council, 9 million people die per year due to lack of access to clean water and the water crisis is steadily increasing, with more than two out of six people lacking adequate sanitation.

Spatap aims to reduce these statistics by providing people with the ability to wash hands or shower anywhere, at any time.

The Spatap is also ideal for recreational activities such as camping, hiking and various sports as the Spatap provides people with quick and easy water access.

Simply connect the Spatap onto any bottle and you are able to control the release of its water to create a shower or tap to wash.

Proven to be a hit with children, the Spatap is also raising eco-consciousness in young people. This serves as critical to the future as we all learn to preserve the environment.

Whether it’s for humanitarian, sporting or just anything outdoors, the Spatap’s portability and its ability to strap up in any place makes it a suitable source for hygiene.

The Spatap was funded through a Kickstarter campaign beginning on the 12th of May, and is also available for sale.

Source: Spatap