Green Building Trends

There has been a strong push in recent years from consumers and the government to go green.  Especially for green building trends in homes and businesses. All to think green and become more environmentally conscious. While some businesses have been reluctant to jump into green building solutions. So the time has come where the benefits matter. That’s including tax breaks and consumer support. They will outweigh the costs of shifting to green energy.

There are many different green building trends available that are fairly cost efficient. As well as assist in reducing utility bills and greenhouse gases. Yes greenhouse gas production in general gets cut when you save energy.

Construction companies are more eager than ever to jump on the green bandwagon in 2016 and 2019. Options such as water reuse systems, smart windows, geothermal heating and cooling.  Let’s not forget solar panels, green roofs, automated energy management systems, and green insulation. All are more readily available for new construction or building upgrades. Although some of these systems tend to cost more, surveys have found that 55 percent of consumers are willing to pay. Yes, pay extra for green products and services from companies. Companies that dedicate to making a positive environmental impact. Learn more about the benefits of these green building trends and systems. Finally by reading the detailed infographic below.

Green Building Trends Infographic