The Committee on Climate Change has warned the Government that its progress on energy efficiency in the commercial sector has been “limited” and previous headway on improving home energy efficiency has “fallen away” following changes to policies last year.

In its latest report to Parliament, which details the progress made towards meeting the UK’s legally binding climate change targets, the Government’s independent climate advisor identified energy efficiency as an area for concern.

Responding to the report, Paul King, Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council, said:

“While Government has clearly made good progress on some of its efforts to cut carbon, the Committee exposes the lack of headway on energy efficiency within our buildings, and in particular, an unravelling of the previous good work on home energy efficiency. This is ironic given that carbon reduction in buildings is not only the most cost effective way of tacking climate change, but it also protects both households and businesses from soaring energy bills. Time is running out for the current Government to grasp this and to deliver on crucial policy areas such as zero carbon homes and minimum energy performance standards in commercial buildings.”

Source: Intelligent Building Today20140802-135538-50138912.jpg