Fresh Wave Spray Does the Green Clean Job

Fresh Wave Spray Does the Green Clean Job

With two boys and a dog (not including me), there are odors. One of the recent products I tested was the totally effective Fresh Wave® Spray.

A few pumps of this pine smelling spray totally gets rid of odors in the air, from my couches, bathroom, trash cans and more.

Best part, this Spray is non-toxic and made with natural ingredients. This means you can apply Fresh Wave Spray to pillows, my couch which becomes my dogs bed and more.

And it’s tree scented. The ingredients are water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood. So that’s the pine aroma you are smelling. But that should dissipate mostly as the product is working to remove odors.

#Freshwave Spray I am testing. It’s great for cars and in garbage cans. Cool tree type smell. Not like at a Grateful Dead show.
Bottom line, you’ll never have to deal with those masking perfumes that can cause headaches and irritate eyes.IMG_5734.JPG

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