The Volvo 7900 plugin Hybrid Electric bus will be silent, cleaner and more fuel efficient. A number of European cities are showing a keen interest in Volvo’s Electric Hybrids, especially the 7900 bus. Hamburg, Luxembourg and Stockholm will implement the new bus system in 2014 and 2015. Series production is scheduled to start in early 2016. The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid bus uses plug-in hybrid technology to further reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide by up to 75%, and energy savings increased by 60 percent.

“I am very proud to launch this ground-breaking bus system. Electric-hybrid buses and full-electric buses are tomorrow’s solution for urban public transport. They will allow us to reduce energy consumption, air pollution, climate impact and noise, which are some of the biggest challenges facing large cities worldwide,” said Håkan Agnevall, President Volvo Bus Corporation.

This Volvo 7900 plugin Electric Hybrid bus runs in EV mode 70 percent of the average route. Another great thing about the 7900 bus is that charging at the end stations only takes 6 minutes.

Volvo 7900 Specifications:

Enables indoor bus stops
75% fuel saving
60% energy reduction
75% CO2 reduction
Length: 12 m
Height: 3580 mm
Width: 2550 mm
Passenger capacity: 95
No. of seats, max: 32+1 (folded)
Electrical motor: Volvo I-SAM, output: 150 kW, torque, max (Nm) 1200
Gearbox: Volvo I-Shift
Lithium-ion battery: voltage 600 V, capacity, total: 19 kWh



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