Americans continue to improve recycling habits, but what exactly is getting recycled? Roll Off Dumpster Direct has compiled recycling data into a new infographic, depicting what happens to specific recycling materials.

The goal here is to educate people on proper disposal of recyclables.

To put perspective on the infographic, just think that Americans recycled and composted almost 87 million tons of municipal solid waste in 2012. As well, in the same year, Americans generated over 251 million tons of trash; which makes the recycling rate only 34.5%.

Even though it’s vogue to recycle those yard trimmings and paper products, food waste that is plastic, metal, aluminum or paper (“other waste”) makes up a big portion of generated waste; meaning the stuff NOT recycled alot.

On the other hand, I recycle about 90-95 percent of what I bring in the house and trimmings too. Let’s get moving so we can cut our collection costs and increase recycling revenues. Right?!?!?

Infographic by Roll Off Dumpster Direct

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