BMW i3 Drivers Going Big

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, BMW announced the BMW i Chargeforward Program with BMW i3 drivers. For this pilot study will be attempted by the BMW Group Technology Office. All together with Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) which is covering quite a bit of Northern California.

Working with a select gathering of BMW i3 electric drivers. Now BMW i Chargeforward will show how sagacious administration of electric vehicle charging can help enhanced electric force framework effectiveness. All the while decreasing aggregate expense of electric vehicle proprietorship.

BMW i3 Exterior from BMW
BMW i3 Exterior from BMW

The study has two sections: an oversight of the charge experimental run project including BMW i3 electric holders and a battery second life. All the vitality stockpiling framework. In the oversight selected BMW i3 electric holders will permit PG&E to do demand response. Especially of their charging. For that’s delaying it by up to an hour for Peak Demand.

The program also includes a “second life” for used MINI E batteries. All by repurposing these batteries into a stationary solar-powered electric storage system. All to be located at the BMW Technology Office. For that’s located in Mountain View, California.

100 cars is a Tenth of a MW

Up to 100 BMW i3 drivers located in the San Francisco Bay Area who complete a pre-qualification survey at For then they are starting in January 2015. For they will be selected to participate in the managed charge segment of the pilot from July 2015 to December 2016. Throughout the 18 month pilot, BMW will manage the charging of participating BMW i3 vehicles. All the while prioritizing e-mobility needs of participants. That’s based on timing by which vehicles should be fully charged. Especially as communicated through a smartphone app.

In addition and for each program “event,” when PG&E experiences peak load conditions. For then participants whose vehicles are selected for delayed charging will receive a text message. For the text is notifying them that their vehicle will stop charging for up to one hour. Thereby temporarily reducing the load on the power grid. Using the BMW i ChargeForward smartphone app, participants can opt out of any request based on their driving needs, and their vehicle charging will continue uninterrupted – for example, if they need to depart for a trip during peak load times and need a full charge sooner.

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