Cree disrupted the $1.7 billion lighting controls market with SmartCast™ Technology – the first self-programming wireless lighting-control system to reduces energy consumption by more than 70 percent (with LEDs), at half the cost of traditional lighting controls at the push of One Button.

Continuing to raise the bar for intelligent, uncompromised lighting experiences, Cree has introduced the first of its LED luminaries to feature adjustable color temperatures embedded with Cree’s groundbreaking SmartCast™ Technology. Combined with Cree’s TrueWhite® Technology, the CR Series Troffer system allows for superior color quality and consistency while providing greater flexibility to control illumination at no additional cost. This means warmer color temperatures when adjusted, with the high CRI and color quality Cree is known for.

The latest innovation demonstrates how Cree is furthering the possibilities of intelligent lighting, helping businesses create customized, cost-effective and vibrant visual environments, all while lowering energy and maintenance bills.


Here’s the release:
Industry-Leading CR Series Troffer with SmartCast Technology Now Features Field Adjustable CCT, Delivering Customized and Dynamic Lighting Solutions

DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) reinvents intelligent lighting with the introduction of field adjustable color temperature for SmartCast™ Technology-enabled CR Series LED troffers, delivering a dynamic and customizable lighting experience for building managers and occupants. The first of Cree’s industry-leading luminaires to feature instantly adjustable color temperatures, Cree’s groundbreaking SmartCast Technology combined with its TrueWhite® Technology allow for superior color quality and consistency while providing greater flexibility to control illumination at no additional cost.

“Cree is relentless in its approach to LED innovation, delivering more intelligent illumination for superior, customized lighting experiences without compromise,” said Norbert Hiller, Cree executive vice president, lighting. “The new field adjustable CCT feature demonstrates the next-generation of controllable lighting by being more flexible to individual needs and preferences, while delivering exceptional efficacy and value.”

In combination with the intuitive and easy-to-use SmartCast Technology, Cree luminaires featuring field adjustable color temperature enhance commercial building design by eliminating the need to decide on color temperature at the onset of installation. With the ability to choose from 3000K to 5000K in 500K increments, SmartCast Technology-enabled CR Series LED troffers enable the use of only one troffer type in any space regardless of lighting preference. The result is simplified specification, ordering and installation with a lighting-control system that reduces energy consumption by more than 70 percent* ─ allowing customers to easily realize the full promise of LED lighting controls.

“Cree continues to transform what’s possible for our interior lighting applications with high-performing LED solutions that create the flexible and customized lighting experience that our teams desire to be more productive. While our teams see this value, I can also deliver value and bottom-line savings with these lighting capabilities,” said Michael J. Malloy, Senior Manager, Global Facilities Management, Extreme Networks. “These innovations will change the way we operate our business.”

The CR Series LED troffers with SmartCast Technology offering field adjustable CCT are sold through Cree lighting sales channels throughout the United States and Canada. Please visit to learn more.

*Compared to traditional fluorescent luminaires without SmartCast Technology.

Source: Cree