CTEK is renowned manufacturer of battery chargers. For they are is set to introduce a new wireless battery charging technology. I mean one that will change the way we charge our vehicles. The innovative solution is eliminating the need for cables and also wires. For that’s making it more convenient. Especially to charge batteries at home. Also in the office. Finally and on the go.

CTEK to Develop Wireless Battery Charging: A Revolutionary Solution

Modern vehicles are totally reliant upon their electrical systems, with car manufacturers running everything from GPS navigation to electric power steering. Also stability control, adjustable suspension systems and so much more. All from the car’s electrical circuits. Most vehicles more importantly also rely on a charged battery to allow vehicle access. I mean so a dead battery can ruin the start to anybody’s day.

With such dependence on the electrical system. For the importance of keeping a vehicle’s battery charged and in top condition. I mean it is crucial to its performance and reliability. This has been recognized for many years. All which is why most premium carmakers specify CTEK battery chargers. Especially and their maintainers to customers. That’s also providing them as approved genuine accessories and some specialized vehicles. Yes for they are even supplied with a CTEK charger. For I mean most importantly as standard equipment.

CTEK and witricity on wireless charging

As the world’s leading automotive battery charger manufacturer. For CTEK is more importantly and always looking for ways to make its products even easier to use. They currently have simple one-button operation. Also easy-to-connect terminals. Finally and battery charge indicators to non-reversible connectors. The next step in this development will be heralded by the advent of wireless power transfer. Especially by using magnetic resonance. Thereby initiating a new era. Finally in automotive battery charging.

With an eye to the future, CTEK Corporation has announced this in 2005. For it’s a technology and patent license agreement. That’s with WiTricity. For they are the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance. The licensing agreement enables CTEK to commercialize WiTricity’s patented technology. Then and also to create high performance and efficient wireless charging systems. That’s for a wide range of battery charging and battery conditioning applications in various automotive and powersports applications.

CTEK License Agreement

Under the terms of this licensing agreement, CTEK will be able to create wireless charging solutions based on WiTricity technology. That’s for a wide range of vehicle battery systems. By providing a flexible and efficient method of wireless power transfer. For then CTEK will begin to develop a line of products that will bring a new level of convenience. Moreover and ease to battery charging.

Future CTEK Applications 

Future applications should make it possible for drivers to simply park over a contact patch. I mean located in their garage or parking spot. Thereby leaving the battery to charge in their absence. Owners who have vehicles for occasional use, such as classic cars or powersports machines. For they only come out at the weekend. For it could also take advantage of such a device.

Among the myriad of potential uses for this new technology. Also emergency vehicles could be among the first to benefit. First responders need their vehicles to start first time. Also every time: thereby maintaining electrical systems. All the while when a  vehicle is parked.


Since its founding, CTEK has sold more than 6.2 million battery chargers in 70 countries around the world. CTEK is a trusted supplier to many of the world’s most respected car and motorcycle manufacturers. Finally and has won more than 15 different independent battery charger awards since 2005.

Sources: CTEK and WiTricity

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