The first fleet of zero-emission  cabs in London that has started ferrying passengers. All in London only as part of a trial.

So this was developed by Surrey-based Frazer-Nash. It’s most noteworthy the first new Electric Metrocab. One that was licensed by Transport of London. I mean earlier this month. That’s becoming the first zero-emission enabled taxi to serve in the UK capital.  That’s also with a range extender or charger.

London cabs
The first zero-emission taxi is being trialled in London

“I’m so proud that it has been licensed by Transport for London. Especially to operate on a trial basis as a London Hackney Carriage.”

Electric Taxi

The car is propelled by an electric motor. That’s with an auxiliary small petrol-powered engine. All acting as a range-extender. The petrol engine also never powers the wheels. It powers the battery directly.

However, it can be switched on whenever required to recharge the car’s battery. I mean effectively removing the range anxiety.

Like the BMW i3 REx

So this London cab by Metrocab also is powered by a one liter petrol engine. One that can most effectively and fully charge the battery. For that’s in as little as ten minutes.

The car is the first market-ready vehicle that meets the requirement of Boris Johnson; Mayor of London. That’s for all taxis operating in central London. So they will be able to switch into the zero emission mode by 2018.


In conclusion and promising to cut cost for taxi drivers to as low as £10 a day. For Frazer-Nash has gone beyond the regular plug-in concept and developed a solar-powered charging station.  One that could be used to charge the cars at almost no cost.

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