Unseasonal Toxic Algae Bloom In California Lake Kills Three Dogs

BY KATIE VALENTINE in Climate Progress

On ThinkProgress

A toxic algal bloom in a California lake has led to the death of three dogs, and officials think that the state’s dry, warm weather is helping fuel the bloom.

The dogs all drank from Lake Chabot, a man-made lake in Alameda County, CA that’s been experiencing a bloom of toxic cyanobacteria — or blue-green algae — since last September. Lake Chabot Regional Park has put up a notice warning people avoid touching or wading in the water and to ensure that their pets or kids don’t get near the water either.

“Our hearts go out to the owners of these dogs that have passed away. It’s tragic,” Carolyn Jones, a spokesperson for East Bay Regional Parks, said. “We are putting up more signs and making them more obvious to keep dogs away from the water.”