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So let’s talk MechoSystems.  For buildings are in dire need to save energy. Moreover and also be comfortable. This is most notably being led by a biotech company Genentech. They contracted MechoSystems for their energy saving methods and technology.


Firstly, MechoSystems is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of a technology. It’s a manual, motorized, and also automated shading systems.

In addition, MechoSystems’ is the SolarTrac System. It’s the most advanced automated-shading system on the market. In addition, it was among the first building systems to undergo FLEXLAB testing.


FLEXLAB physically rotates simulating the motion of the earth. This provides a greaf environment and opportunity to test these different building systems.

Bottom line here: FLEXLAB is capable of rotating up to 270 degrees to simulate solar conditions.

So even if you’ve got a beautifully designed building. I mean a lot of the problem comes in the operational phase. They was said in part by Berkeley Lab Senior Advisor for Building Science, Stephen Selkowitz.  He added that once you then bring people in, you change the dynamics.  I can totally agree with that.


SolarTrac for MechoSystems

SolarTrac tracks daily sun and sky conditions; automatically adjusting the window shades. This maximizes natural daylighting and protects against heat gain, brightness, and glare. The system ensures that real people are kept comfortable yet reduces overall electric-lighting and cooling demands.


MechoSystems has been around since 1969. All for the  architectural and design community. For it has trusted Mecho to deliver the highest quality and most innovative products. All for solar control. As they say: when you want the best, you work with the best. The best work with Mecho.

Source: Mecho Systems

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