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The EPA has recently recognized the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California for their achievements in food recovery. This is an important milestone in the Resort’s sustainability efforts, which have been ongoing since 2008.

What is Food Recovery?

Food recovery is the process of collecting excess or unsold food and redistributing it to those in need. This helps to reduce food waste and feed the hungry. All the while also minimizing the financial and environmental costs associated with disposing of food in landfills.

Kitchen worker emptying waste into recycling bin.
Kitchen worker emptying waste into recycling bin.

Disneyland Resort’s Food Recovery Efforts

Since 2009, the Disneyland Resort has worked with a local food bank and other partners to donate over 6 million pounds of food. This includes unserved food from the resort’s restaurants as well as excess produce from its garden.

The Resort also has implemented a food waste prevention program to reduce the amount of food that is sent to landfills. This includes composting, utilizing food donations and recycling grease from restaurant kitchens.

Horse hair is collected to be used for oil spill cleanups.
Horse hair is collected to be used for oil spill cleanups.

In addition, Disneyland Resort staff have started a “Pantry of Plenty” program, which collects donations from guests and employees to give to local charities. The Resort also donates all uneaten food from special events, such as weddings and corporate meetings.

Impact of Disneyland Resort’s Food Recovery Efforts

The Resort’s food recovery efforts have had a positive impact on the local community. The 6 million pounds of food donated has resulted in over 4.5 million meals given to those in need.

The Resort’s efforts have also had a positive environmental impact. The food waste prevention program has resulted in the diversion of over 1 million pounds of food waste from local landfills. This has helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources.


Disneyland Resort’s food recovery efforts are an excellent example of how businesses can make a positive impact in their community. The Resort’s efforts have resulted in millions of meals for those in need and have helped to reduce food waste and its environmental impact.

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