In April 2015, the US government made strides in energy efficiency with ACEEE on legislation. That’s with both Republicans and Democrats supporting the cause. This was a significant moment for the country as it showed that political differences could be put aside for the greater good of the environment.

Energy Efficiency and the Benefits

Energy efficiency is the practice of reducing energy consumption while maintaining the same level of output. This is important because it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are a significant contributor to climate change. It also saves money on energy bills and creates jobs in the energy sector.

The Support of Both Parties

The bipartisan support for energy efficiency legislation was a result of both parties recognizing the benefits. Republicans saw it as a way to reduce energy costs and create jobs, while Democrats saw it as a way to combat climate change.

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The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act

The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act was the legislation that was passed in 2015. It included provisions such as promoting energy-efficient building codes and improving energy efficiency in federal facilities. It also established a voluntary program for commercial and industrial buildings to improve their energy efficiency.


The passing of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act was a significant moment in US environmental policy. It showed that even in a politically divided country, both parties could come together to support a cause that benefits everyone. Energy efficiency is an important issue that will continue to be addressed in the future, and this legislation was a step in the right direction.

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Source: ACEEE: The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

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