Heatworks MODEL 1 water heater solves homeowner dilemma created by new Department of Energy standards

Water heater options for large storage tanks now limited to expensive heat pump units, with MODEL 1 emerging as only digital tankless solution designed for maintenance-free use

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – April 9, 2015 – The Heatworks MODEL 1, the only water heater with energy transfer technology, is providing consumers and tradespeople with an immediate solution to the cost and space challenges created by Department of Energy standards for water heaters that go into effect April 16, 2015.

“In the electric category, the new standard effectively prohibits 55 gallon or greater water heaters,” said Heatworks CEO Jerry Callahan. “Standard 65-gallon and 80-gallon electric water heaters will disappear from the market completely, and homeowners who want these large capacity units will have to invest double in a heat pump driven design that meets DOE efficiency standards.”

“The Heatworks MODEL 1 combines the small footprint of a tankless water heater with its unique energy transfer technology,” Callahan said. “Every other water heating system on the market uses a heating element, which is subject to plating, calcification and ultimately failure. The MODEL 1 has no traditional heating elements, delivering maintenance-free use.”

The MODEL 1’s innovative and patented energy transfer technology makes it the most energy efficient water heater in the world. Electric current is passed through graphite electrodes to heat water, and the electrodes never get hotter than the water being heated.

The MODEL 1 can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of any water heating system, anywhere in the world. It can be used in conjunction with an existing water heating system, as a standalone alternative to a central tank-type water heater, or at points of use to generate instant hot water and save the gallons of water typically wasted waiting for hot water to arrive.

Source: Heatworks