Ford Motor Company upped their status in the electric transport market. It announced opening its portfolio of patented EV technologies to competitors in an effort to accelerate industry-wide development.

In 2014, the company filed for 400-plus EV patents, a 20 percent increase from 2013. It has also hired 200 new EV engineers in the past year, signifying an increased dedication to bring stronger EV products to market.

2017 Ford Focus Electric releasing EV patents to build your own EV
2017 Ford Focus Electric

EV patents available for purchase include:

A patent that allows for battery balancing at any time, instead of only while charging, and enables the use of lithium-ion batteries in electrified vehicles. This innovation extends battery run time and overall life.

A patent for a technology that maximizes the amount of energy recaptured in a hybrid vehicle through regenerative braking, allowing a driver to recapture more energy than previously possible, helping the motorist drive farther on a charge.

A patent that provides a method for monitoring inputs such as braking and accelerating to assess driving behavior. The feedback can be used to coach future behavior that may translate into better long-term habits and improved fuel economy.

So to access Ford’s patents and published patent applications, here’s what you do. Again, interested parties can contact the company’s technology commercialization and licensing office. I mean or work through AutoHarvest. For they are an automaker collaborative innovation and licensing marketplace. AutoHarvest allows members to showcase capabilities and technologies, then privately connect with fellow inventors to explore technology and business development opportunities of mutual interest. The patents would be available for a fee.

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