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NOVEMBER 19, 2015 NEW YORK, NY – On Wednesday Global Green USA hosted their 15th Annual Benefit The Future of Food at The Glasshouses in New York City. This year’s event celebrated individuals working to make all levels of the food chain healthier and less impactful to our climate and the environment, as well as Global Green’s and National Grid’s work to create resilient and sustainable communities.

Yahoo! Global News Anchor Katie Couric (I remember her frm the Today Show folks!!) got the crowd laughing by segueing with one of her past TODAY Show cues “on a lighter note” and presented a Sustainability in Food Award to the Pollan Family (Tracy, Dana, Lori and Corky Pollan) for their life-long commitment to health, fitness and nutrition, and for their award-winning cookbook, The Pollan Family Table cookbook.


Tracy Pollan and husband Michael J. Fox attend Global Green USA’s The Future of Food Benefit in New York City at The Glasshouses on November 18, 2015.  (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Global Green USA)


Tracy Pollan and husband Michael J. Fox attend Global Green USA’s The Future of Food Benefit in New York City at The Glasshouses on November 18, 2015.  (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Global Green USA)

“One of the things I like best about Global Green is their ability to shine a spotlight on people and pioneers who are really making a difference,” Couric said as she presented the Pollan family with their award. The Pollan women took turns giving remarks, with Tracy joking “on an even more, lighter note” and continuing, “Global Green does remarkable work on so many levels to make our cities, our country, and our planet a better place—thank you.”

Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Farms, and author of The Third Plate was also recognized with a Sustainability in Food Award. Chef Barber and his team prepared the evening’s four course dinner, highlighting the theme of wasted food. The menu for the evening featured items like the ‘Dumpster Dive Salad,’ which was comprised of excess vegetable ends recovered from a chopping facility, and a ‘Juice Pulp Cheeseburger,’ that featured the forgotten byproduct of the growing juice craze topped with rejected cheese from a Vermont farm. Chef Barber introduced each course with an in depth explanation of where the ingredients were sourced, joking that “squash seed oil is the next kale,” and enthusiastically told guests at the outset that “each ingredient has been salvaged from your dumpster!”


Chef Dan Barber attends Global Green USA’s The Future of Food Benefit, where he prepared the four course meal highlighting the theme of wasted food, and was honored with a Sustainability in Food Award. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Global Green USA)

Global Green USA President and CEO Les McCabe presented the Founder’s Award to Dr. Paul Walker for “working tirelessly to rid the world of chemical weapons,” and also shared a short video highlighting Global Green’s efforts to combat food waste.

Les introduced another short film that spotlighted Global Green’s next phase of resiliency work in NYC following Superstorm Sandy, including a recent partnership with National Grid to support some of New York City’s most vulnerable populations by supplying clean energy and back-up power at locations that serve as resilient community hubs for people in times of disaster in the New York area.

The evening brought together nearly 100 of New York’s environmental, business, technology and finance leaders. Additional guests in attendance included: Michael J. Fox (Actor), Charlie Sweat (Event co-chair), Robianne Mackin (Event co-chair) and Sarah Meyer Simon (Event Committee), among others.Honored guests entered along the sustainable green carpet, manufactured by Milliken using Aquafil’s 100 percent regenerated ECONYL® nylon and 46 percent renewable energy. In keeping with the sustainability theme of the event, the carpet was constructed with reclaimed nylon waste materials from around the world, such as abandoned fishing nets and used carpets.

Global Green has worked toward a more sustainable food system in New York City since 2009. Major successes in New York City that Global Green has contributed to include the transition away from Styrofoam lunch trays by 800,000 students in public schools, and our work with the city government, restaurants and food businesses targeting a legacy impact saving 20 million tons of greenhouse gases over the next 20 years by diverting food waste from landfills. Proceeds from The Future of Food will support Global Green USA’s work to continue creating healthy, resilient communities across the country.

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