Cutting-edge Garden Gadgets and Tools That Will Help Your Plants Grow

Growing a garden is no easy task. It requires plenty of time and effort to truly thrive. But fortunately, today’s gardeners can access a slew of cutting-edge digital tools to really help their plants grow. From apps that will remind you to water your plants to cameras that will monitor your garden when you’re away, discover how technology is making it easier than ever to grow and maintain a thriving garden.

Parrot Flower Power App

Yes, there are apps that can help your garden grow. Stick this Parrot Flower Power sensor in the soil and then use an app that you access via your phone to monitor your plant’s well-being. The app will send you reminders like, “you should move your plant to a shady area” or you should “water your plant in two days.” How easy is that?

The “Pet Plant” Digital Pot

Plants can’t talk, as we all know. But the “Pet Plant” Digital Pot promises to let you know what your plant is “feeling” or “needing” in any given moment. Remember Nanobabies? Well, this one functions in a similar manner. The plant, which is shaped like an upside down helmet, has a “face” that acts out different emotions based on the plant’s needs. Maybe the plant prefers a higher or lower temperature, more or less humidity or different soil conditions. You can use the face icon on the front it to determine what the plant needs, according to the maker’s official website.

Electronic Sensor Owl

Keeping animals away from your garden can be tough. If you’d prefer not to spray pesticides, consider purchasing an electronic owl. An Easy Gardener Garden Defense Electronic Sensor Owl hoots and turns its head, just like a real owl. Plus, sometimes just seeing the shape of an owl is enough to make a would-be plant predator turn and run.

Solar-powered Glowing Pots

Solar-powered pots take in the sun’s energy during the day to keep your plants or seasonal flowers thriving at night or on cloudy days. This is a great option for someone who needs to buy a fresh bouquet before the holidays because they didn’t think to start growing one earlier in the year, or for housing your “just because” or birthday flowers instead of putting them in a vase to wither away.

Brinno GardenWatch Cam

You obviously can’t just sit and watch your garden grow all day. But this camera can. You set an interval, for instance one minute or once an hour, and the camera will snap photos of your garden. This is great if you suspect that deer or other animals may be destroying your plants.

Garden Plan Pro iPad App

One of the most difficult parts of having a garden is simply starting one. And this app can help you plan yours. You tell the app about what the weather and soil conditions are like in your area. That way, you won’t try to plant certain types of flowers that will die off in your area’s weather.


One of the neatest products on the market today? AquaFarms. There’s water on the bottom so a fish can thrive. The top features grass that also lives off the water on the bottom. The beauty of this tool is that’s it’s self-sustaining. The waste from the fish is used as fertilizer for the plants, according to You can grow your own plants like lettuce or basil on top while the fish swim below.

Sprout Robot

If you’re a newbie garden, Sprout Robot will help you get your project going. Put your zip code into the website and the site will provide with tips on what would grow best based on your locale and weather. You can use this site to get seeds via mail or just receive reminders so you can keep your garden growing.

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