Picturesque garden oozing with the hypnotizing smell of BBQ. 

Let’s call it a BBQ-esque garden. 

Summer is that time where you enjoy all of your senses. Warm rays of the sun on your skin, a cold beer in your hand, and the smell of BBQ lingering around you. We simply can’t imagine summertime without adding BBQ to the mix. This entire season is devoted to purebred hedonism.

While reading this, can you feel the fresh summer breeze in the air, sun on your skin, and different aromas floating in the air? BBQ time is something that makes us all happy, with no exceptions. Family and friends gathered around with various kinds of foods. Laughing, eating, and having a friendly chat with your loved ones – sounds like a perfect summer day!

There is something for everyone on the table and you can be happy about it while enjoying a variety of flavors melting in your mouth. 

Why don’t you take things to the next level and turn your backyard into a BBQ paradise? We aren’t talking about just a summertime upgrade. Just think of having a four-season BBQ area in your backyard year-round. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? All you need is a little creativity to use the potential of your backyard space. 

Outdoor kitchen for your BBQ garden

If you love channeling your love for the outdoors or do it as they did in ancient times, you can’t imagine a summer without camping – then the outdoor kitchen is something that is an absolute must-have in your backyard. To help you get started, you do some research and go around your neighborhood to see how they set up their outdoor space. You may also look to different websites to view other garden layouts in designing your outdoor kitchen.

To connect with nature even better – it’s time to use all the natural materials. Stone, wood, clay tiles… It will give your backyard that evergreen elegance and it will provide a pleasant atmosphere.  Adding greenery is always a great idea – and what about the herbal garden and fresh seasonings straight just within your reach?

Build a stone pizza oven to have a quick bite before the barbecue is done. You can also make aromatic garlic bread. Add the fresh basil or oregano straight from your garden or make aromatic BBQ sauce from mint leaves and greek yogurt.

The grill, of course, should be at the very center of the kitchen where you can prepare your signature dishes. Of course, the hypnotic smell of BBQ is always welcome, but the smoke of course not. We recommend installing the outdoor BBQ ventilation system to help this and then you can sit back while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Another fun task is setting the dining area in your outdoor kitchen. To achieve a rustic effect – solid wood furniture will be a perfect addition. You will get that more homely feeling which is perfect for family time.

Add a minibar for maximum enjoyment

If you lack space in your backyard – adding a minibar with a few bar stools will be perfect when your friends come to visit. While they are waiting for burgers or steaks they can grab a beer or two from a mini-fridge or mix a few cocktails (and add a fresh mint from your garden) at the minibar. 

If you want to take the game to the next level – include a wine cooling fridge with various kinds of wine. Don’t forget to keep glasses ready, add pieces of fruit, and enjoy a cold sangria on hot summer days.

Adding an outside fire pit is always a great idea. You can choose between different styles as well as materials like stone, glass, and metal. Find what fits your style, what you envision, and start creating. 

If you want to go for elegance – you can have a decorative fire pit with fire glass inside. You can choose the color and on the lower temperatures, it will look like the turquoise ice is burning. 

If you want to stick to the classic side, a classic stone fire pit with a seating area around is the ultimate choice. If someone wants to bake marshmallows for dessert, this will be a sweet surprise!

Water elements

Water elements are always a great addition to your backyard. Your friends waiting for sweet surprises cooking in your outdoor kitchen will get nervous and ‘’hangry’’ so help them cool their heads if the minibar is out of beer and go in your fiberglass pool. 

They will have fun, burn a few calories, and get a nice suntan. Practical in so many ways, it will also be great for cocktail parties as it is both practical and elegant.

If your backyard is not big enough to have a pool then build an amazing mini koi pond sanctuary or a small waterfall. It will promote more of a calming mood.


Pergola is also practical in so many ways. It is basically a room without walls and that gives you a unique opportunity to place all the essentials there. Only the sky’s the limit. You can build a wooden pergola and put string lights at a top. You can position your dining area, firepit, outdoor kitchen – everything. 

Final thoughts

Get the best out of your existing space and get the most exciting summer ever. You don’t need to go far away to have a great time, bring a great time to your backyard. It is up to you how you will use the space but we bet that the BBQ will have the sweetest flavor this year once you turn your backyard into a BBQ-esque paradise.

This post was written by Jason F. Hopkins 

Jason is a business consultant with a passion for writing. Doing his research, exploring, and writing are his favorite things to do. Besides that, he loves playing his guitar, cooking, and traveling.

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