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People need plumbing help for a host of different reasons. They could be anything from leaky taps and rusting pipes to bathroom installations and water tank issues. There’s never a convenient time for these things to be done, and they often prove expensive. 

Because of this, the last thing anyone wants is shoddy workmanship from dubious contractors. There are 500,000 plumbers in the U.S. but needless to say, some are better than others. If you’re going to spend a lot of money you will want a qualified and experienced workman. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to pay to fix someone else’s mistakes. We will now discuss the key things you need to look for when choosing a plumbing company. 

An Online Presence 

Orange County is a region in the Commonwealth of Virginia that boasted a population of over 3 million people in 2018. Folk who are located in Orange County often go online in search of plumbing and drain cleaning services. These people want access to help 24/7, and often look for first time customer discounts. 

Many of the questions you will need to consider about the company will be answered on their website. This could include how long they’ve been operating, and whether they are local to you. The site should also clarify whether they do emergency call outs. 

An Environmental Conscience

If a plumber is concerned about the wastage of natural resources, this will be reflected in their service. They may recommend such products as dual flush toilets, water-economical shower heads and low-flow options for your kitchen and bathroom. The plumber may install longer-lasting pipes, or water softeners to save you buying plastic-bottled drinks. 

Socially responsible plumbers may also recommend the installation of energy-saving water heaters or outdoor water systems.

Customer Reviews

Previous clients have nothing to lose, so their comments about the plumbing services could be crucial for your choice. If you can’t find any reviews on the company’s website, check to see if they are on social media such as Facebook. Alternatively, look on Google or third-party sites. 

It’s also helpful if you know someone who used their services. Ask them whether the work was done on time, and whether there were any problems. Discuss the contractor’s punctuality and whether they cleaned up afterward. 

Credentials And Certification

The company website may confirm that its employees are all industry certified. If someone has a business license or qualification, you will know they have done the training, passed the exams and gained the necessary experience. 

If necessary, do your own background checks. Look on the website for the Better Business Bureau, or visit

Transparency Over Pricing

If a plumber says they are ready to work on your major project next week, you should wonder why they aren’t currently busy. You need to be guarded if the plumber doesn’t want to talk about costs, or be suspicious if they significantly undercut their rivals. Perhaps they use cheap materials and employ inexperienced sub-contractors. 

Some company websites discuss their rates and offer no-obligation quotes. As with any scenario, it’s wise to get three before choosing. Never pay a contractor by the day, as they have nothing to lose if they overrun. 

A Clear Contract

Never agree to have work done if you are unsure about costs and budgeting. It can be a dangerous game to trust someone simply because they seemed like a nice person. 

If you have major work to be done, ask for a contract to be drawn up. This should specify the beginning and finishing dates, and provide itemized details of the labor and material costs. Discuss what would be done if extra plumbing issues were unearthed, and never pay more than a third upfront. Also ask for a payment schedule. Make sure they have a physical address, so you know where to go if there are any issues. 

Insurance And Warranties

Check to see whether the company has liability insurance. If they don’t you could end up footing the bill if the plumbing fails and your house is flooded. 

It provides great peace of mind when plumbers back their products and services. This could be in the form of a one-year warranty. Should the unthinkable happen, they are committed to returning and making good. 

When you are confident you have identified the most suitable company, employ their services. Hopefully, you will be delighted with both the plumbers and the work done and will be happy to provide an honest review. 

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