The True Cost of Paper Billing

Billions of paper bills and statements are sent every year with little knowledge of the true cost these pieces of paper cost us, literally and metaphorically. With electronic billing as an alternative, paper bills no longer have to impose serious costs on businesses, consumers have a range of options, and there are significantly less harmful impacts on the environment, among other benefits.

E-Complish, a leading electronic payments solutions provider, has developed an infographic that shows the true cost of paper billing, from the waste it creates for the environment to the financial costs for businesses.


Written by greenlivingguy

The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman is a green living expert, celebrity and Editor of the McGraw-Hill, TAB Green Guru Guides. Seth is also an Author, Radio Host, Reporter, Writer and a Environmental Consultant on green living. The Green Living Guy writes about green living, green lighting, the green guru guides and more. Seth's books range from: # Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by Bob Brant and Seth Leitman (2nd and 3rd editions) # Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle by Seth Leitman # Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle by Carl Vogel # Green Lighting by Seth Leitman, Brian Clark Howard and Bill Brinsky # Solar Power For Your Home by David Findley # Renewable Energies For Your Home by Russel Gehrke # Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audits by David Findley # Build Your Own Small Wind Power System by Brian Clark Howard and Kevin Shea # and more green living books to follow.