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Commercial bins are a ubiquitous feature of modern urban landscapes. So they are essential for keeping public spaces clean, without fear or safety and tidy. However, a recent investigation has revealed that one of the UK’s most popular commercial bins may be responsible for a series of accidents.

The Study

The investigation was conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). All which is responsible for regulating workplace safety in the UK. The HSE found that the design of the bin caused it. A design which features a hinged lid. So it can make it difficult for users to see what is inside. This can also lead to the bin becoming overloaded. All which can cause it to tip over and spill its contents.


The HSE’s investigation revealed that there have been several accidents involving the bin in question. In one incident, a pedestrian was struck by the bin when it tipped over, causing serious injuries. In another incident, a bin truck driver was injured when a bin fell off the truck and hit him.


The HSE has recommended that the manufacturer of the bin should redesign it to make it easier for users to see what is inside. This could involve adding a clear panel to the side of the bin, or redesigning the lid so that it does not obstruct the view of the contents.


Commercial bins are an essential part of modern urban landscapes. However, they can also pose a safety risk if they are not designed and used correctly. The HSE’s investigation has highlighted the importance of designing commercial bins with safety in mind, and it is hoped that manufacturers will take note of the recommendations and make changes to their products accordingly.


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