2ReWear Takes Recycling their own Clothing to a Whole New Level

Newly launched men’s athletic apparel brand, Ten Thousand, announced the launch of its industry-first collaborative product design and development process through the release of its first public Run Short prototype.

Ten Thousand’s streamlined selection of core training essentials focuses on depth, not breadth. That’s with the Run Short marking the brand’s third product in the line. The brand also champions sustainability through its recycling program. It’s called One In / One Out. All which prevents old athletic apparel from becoming environmental waste. Their goal is to at least recycle 100 Million Pounds of clothing in the short term.

If your brand is built on chasing trends–neon one season, camo the next. So you have an incentive to cut costs and build disposable products, because your customers know they’re going to be wearing that piece only as long as the trend lasts.

But if your clothes are minimalist and functional, they stand apart from these trends, and you can design them to last. Customers who appreciate quality, style and purpose will always be there. That’s why functional design is sustainable design.

That said, all clothes wear out eventually, especially workout gear, so to close the loop and minimize the environmental impact of our gear, we created our One In / One Out recycling program. When you buy Ten Thousand, we cover the costs of shipping your old workout gear to our partner, 2Rewear, who will reuse or recycle your gear. As a thank you, we’ll provide a 10% rebate off your purchase.

By allowing their community to test the Run Shorts first-hand, offer feedback in real time. It also helps refine the product in advance of a full production launch. So Ten Thousand is pioneering an entirely new way to build an active wear company. All founded on delivering full production launch, Ten Thousand is pioneering an entirely new way to build an active wear company founded on delivering streamlined products based on actual customers’ wants and needs.

Moreover, 2ReWear focuses on the details of your reuse and recycling program. 2ReWear so your brand can focus on its core business.

Their online retailer partners work with the company integrating into 2ReWear’s Reuse & Recycling program.

In addition, 2ReWear will provide clients with a quarterly update. It’s customized on the weight generated by their 2ReWear partnership. As well as a yearly accounting of greenhouse gases. I mean those diverted as a result of a companies recycling efforts.

All online brands need to compute and figure in cost of supplying consumers. That’s with a self-addressed or ability to print label for return. That’s for apparel, footwear or household textiles.

Ten Thousand Foundation Shirt
Price: $45.00
URL: https://www.tenthousand.cc/products/foundation-shirt
Sizes: Available in S,M, L and XL in either Standard or Long lengths
Colors: Available in Black, Navy and Grey

Ten Thousand Foundation Shorts
Price: $48.00 – $55.00
URL: https://www.tenthousand.cc/products/foundation-shorts
Sizes: Available in S,M, L and XL in either 7″ or 9″ lengths
Colors: Black

Ten Thousand Endurance Shorts
Price: $50.15
URL: https://www.tenthousand.cc/products/foundation-shortshttps://www.tenthousand.cc/collections/labs/products/endurance-shorts
Sizes: Available in S,M, L and XL
Colors: Black

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