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Recently I was interviewed on the Many Shades of Green Radio Show which also hit AM. Very exciting.

 The Many Shades of Green

Here’s the interview.
Here’s their info on the interview.

Electric cars are cool, electric cars are fun, electric cars don’t pollute the air we breathe, so why aren’t there more of them on the road? My co-host Brian Horowtiz and I chat about this and other topics, with my guest Seth Leitman, Green Living Guy. Seth is an EV car aficionado, and author of a series of books called the Green Guru Guides. He is working with the Solarize initiative in the Hudson Valley to promote solar energy. Seth will be lecturing and touring colleges this Spring, to spread the word about green living.

The Many Shades of Green delves into topics that affect the environment in Brooklyn and beyond, as we move to raise social awareness via culture, politics, the environment and the arts. By empowering the public with knowledge about sustainability and information on what is happening in their own backyards, we aim to inspire people to take action in “greening” their lives, and contribute to keeping the planet healthy for the Seventh Generation to come.

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