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Iris by Lowe’s really made the idea of any room having dimmable, LED in high hats; all controlled by you Smart phone. This controlled lamp is fully dimmable via LIGHTIFY technology on the Lowe’s by Iris app that produces a 60-watt equivalent LED light.

Besides it being UL and FCC certified, frankly Sylvania was right when they said:

Light has never been so fun, easy and high tech. In partnership with Lowe’s by Iris, Osram Sylvania’s LIGHTIFY™ brings the future of lighting into your home or business today in a home automation gateway and A19 LED bulb.









Remotely you can customize the bulb color temperature and dimming level using the Lowe’s by Iris app.

This allowed me to simply control your my lights.

SYLVANIA ULTRA iQ bulbs dimmed just by using a cellphone app!  Who would have thought?

On top of it, LED lighting can reduce energy costs by 80 percent versus a regular incandescent lamp.

“With ULTRA iQ and Iris, consumers can now remotely control their lighting through smart devices while saving on electricity costs,” said Ellen Sizemore, product portfolio manager LED lamps, OSRAM SYLVANIA. “These light bulbs are long lasting, energy saving options designed to easily integrate with the smart homes of today.”

SYLVANIA ULTRA iQ bulbs last 35,000 hours. So expect to cut maintenance and lamp replacements.

Just for perspective, in a typical home, with lights in use three hours a day, that 35,000 hours translates to nearly 32 years.

These ULTRA iQ bulbs were put in my sons room which he uses from 3-10 pm. Saving all day long folks!

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