Revenge Is
Revenge IS

I just had a great interview today with Marilyn Barrett, Founder of Revenge Is Apparel.
Very comfortable eco clothes. 1/2 organic ..the other 1/2 plastic water bottles

The company’s in your face of 60’s and modern appeal makes for exciting clothing with a slight extension of the middle finger complete with smiles and invitations to wear t shirt billboards for discussion. We call it 1st Amendment at its best.

The other thing they do to help with your revenge is show you how to get it.

To volunteer, Marilyn added, “Volunteer opportunities are abundant. I mean there are so many issues. Also so much need. Finally and so much to do.  You can be part of the solution. All by helping one of your local charities or by volunteering away from home.”

Contacting your Congressperson

Showing You What Causes The Company Supports.

Also, I got their tees and ya know what. They fit really well. Not just well. I mean really really well.  So this whole recycled plastic, in your face approach to sustainability really rocks. So it sounds like a good old Jimmy Hendrix song.

History of Revenge Is

Marilyn started the company about a year ago while taking a walk with her pets and being pissed off during the 2008 Presidential election cycle. She knew the country had many problems to face and in concert with global concerns, news and political commentary are global warming, energy dependence, economic turmoil, and wars resulting in too many deaths and injuries.

Marilyn was angry and frustrated and wanted the people who were primarily responsible for these problems to stop…and pay for the pain and losses they caused.  The best part was that she knew she was not alone.

As an attorney, she often counseled clients who, despite suffering serious harm from others, decided against pursuing legal action against them. Instead, they chose to focus their hard earned savings and precious time to rebuild their lives – making positive commitments to the age old adage that “the best revenge is living well.” Their actions were profound and struck me as a better way to enact positive change in my own life and in the world around me. Revenge Is… was born.

Their products and slogans were created to acknowledge and validate our collective frustrations while at the same time encourage and inspire Marilyn and others to take action — to take meaningful steps toward a stable climate, a clean environment, energy independence, national security, a healthy economy, and a country of high moral principle and international regard that we can be proud of.

To start, their  T-shirts and reusable tuck away carry bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and/or Organic Cotton.

Their reusable hybrid coffee/tea mug and tuck away bag give each of us the power to completely end the use of plastic water bottles, Styrofoam cups, and plastic grocery bags that clog our landfills.  I really like the idea of styrofoam cups because I did not know you could recycle them.  In the podcast that will come soon I will ask Marilyn what she knows about recycling the specific products in her clothes.

They also completely eliminate our use of paper cups, hot sleeves and grocery bags.

To me that says to you I am tired of landfills and I am gonna say it when I wear it, so f……

Celebrity Endorsements

Some really fun names know of Revenge Is so that means watch out for their next picture in the press because you might see the shirt.

Ken Jordan of the Crystal Method wearing eco friendly clothing from RevengeIs. Here is a picture of Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method performing in Tempe, AZ



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