Solar Energy World Brings Sustainability to Soccer

Solar Energy World Brings Sustainability to Soccer

Elkridge, MD (May 8, 2012) — In recent years, sports arenas and stadiums have become champions of sustainability for both social and financial reasons. The STAPLES Center, home to the Los Angeles Lakers, has 5% of its total power provided by solar panels, while the Portland Trail Blazers’ Rose Garden Arena saved 4 million kWh of electricity, roughly $424,000 in operational savings, between 2008 and 2010 with their own green upgrades. This sustainability surge is even trickling down to recreational sports. Solar Energy World, Maryland’s fastest growing solar energy systems provider, plans to install a solar energy system in Soccer Dome’s newest recreational indoor soccer facilities, Soccer Dome II in Harmans, Maryland.

There is approximately $18,400 in Electricity Savings in the first year. More importantly there is $36,500 in SREC revenue. Soccer Dome II uses 130,000 Kwh and now 85% of that will come from Solar.

In recent times, the sports facilities industry has shifted their eyes towards achieving sustainability. All through the implementation of recycling programs and solar energy. For that’s among other initiatives. This trend is also even trickling down to smaller scale sports centers and arenas.

Based in Maryland, the recreational soccer arena has hired Solar Energy World. For that’s to get installed 546 solar panels.

“We’re installing the system because we’re confident it will yield double bottom-line benefits by reducing our carbon footprint and our utility bill,” said Soccer Dome President Clif Everett.

Source: Solar Energy World

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