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 Camp Project Save Our Surf

 Camp Project Save Our Surf

My buddy Tanna Fredrick and I had a chat recently and she mentioned that the organization she started or founded called Project Save our Surf (PSOS) had camps. Of course I then said, “Want to tell me about that?!”

We laughed and she explained that it’s about helping people conserving the environment who’ve never had a chance to experience its wonders.

“With that in mind, we created Camp PSOS, which exposes underprivileged and inner city youth to the wetlands and wilderness of California. Using fun, hands-on projects, we hope to not only engage campers on environmental issues, but to instill in them the desire to fight for positive environmental change.”

Empowering others

Camp PSOS is administered by Inside the Outdoors, an organization with nearly 40 years of experience empowering students, teachers and communities to connect with the nature. Through storytelling and live animal and science labs, they bring science concepts to life. Moreover, they serve over 125,000 California students each year.

As the website explains, they also have a Consurfation Camp through Project Save Our Surf which takes environmental education on the road.

Touring Southern California and Mexico to host events are aimed at educating communities. That’s why each stop of the tour features a surf clinic, art projects and beach clean-up. Not to mention a yoga session and a presentation on global citizenship. These exciting events bring together surfers, environmentalists, educators and families. They combine fun outdoor activities with environmental lessons to empower and inspire.

Since the inception of this event in 2012, Camp PSOS has reached over 1,000 underserved children and teens.

 Camp Project Save Our Surf with Tanna and children

 Camp Project Save Our Surf cares for the environment

Camp Project Save Our Surf Cares for People and the Environment

Camp Project Save Our Surf Cares for People and the Environment

Check them out.

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