Energy Efficiency and Environmental Action Makes this Cement!

AN ENERGY efficient mining machine is using mineral waste products to create a more environmentally friendly cement product.

South Australian company IMP technologies (IMPTEC) have developed a super fine crusher that reduces comminution costs.

The company is currently trialling a semi-commercial unit at Hallett Concrete in Adelaide, South Australia’s capital.

The machine is being used to turn the waste from black sand or iron sand into a replacement for Portland cement.

IMPTEC Director John Doherty said the crusher was a game-changing invention that could eventually be at the forefront of the industry.

“What we’re involved in is reducing the amount of energy, which is usually electrical, and the cost of media. You can also include lower maintenance costs because it’s just one machine,” he said.

“The energy density of the crusher is greater than other machines and reduces around 30 per cent of energy costs.”

Comminution is the essential processor of minerals into cement, more commonly Portland cement, a known producer of a number of greenhouse gases…

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