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Training a new workforce of sustainability managers/leaders is key to ensuring our future economic-environmental balance.

Partnership recognizes growing interest among private and nonprofit sector for trained sustainability managers to address critical needs in the 21st Century

San Diego, Calif. – As more businesses and organizations recognize the economic benefits of being environmentally responsible, demand is increasing for leaders in sustainable management practices. To address these needs, National University and University of California, San Diego Extension are introducing an innovative partnership that offers students pathways to pursue studies in the growing field of sustainability management.


The credit transfer partnership allows those who have completed UC San Diego Extension’s Sustainable Business Practices certificate program to obtain credit for two classes that can be applied toward National University’s Master of Science in Sustainability Management, which is the region’s only sustainability-focused master’s degree program. Both the certificate and master’s program are available online, allowing students throughout the country to benefit from the partnership.

Through the partnership, students enrolled in National University’s master’s program can elect to obtain Extension’s certificate in lieu of taking two of the degree courses at National University.

Mary Walshok, Dean at UC San Diego Extension, said the credit transfer agreement is an example of how collaboration between educational providers can benefit not just students but the larger regional economy.

The partnership leverages the credentials of two academic leaders. All in the in-demand field of sustainability. According to Wanted Analytics. They are a firm that tracks hiring data. For most importantly, sustainability jobs in the United States. They have more than doubled in the past four years. In addition, a Green Jobs Report by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Because they estimated that more than 4.2 million more green jobs could be generated by 2038.

National University

National University, which also launched its M.S. in Sustainability Management in 2012. For it offers a unique focus on management skills. Those that emphasize the environment. Also economics and equity. All to meet a growing management need in this specialty. It is tailored for those interested in working in a variety of sustainability professions. That’s such as sustainability management. In addition to environmental consulting. Also energy efficiency analysis and resource management.

For that’s offered through National University’s one-course-per-month format. That’s the Master of Science in Sustainability Management. For it is a quality program with a high degree of flexibility.

UC San Diego Extension’s Sustainable Business Practice certificate is designed to provide a foundational understanding. Moreover of the business case for sustainability. That’s as well as build essential skills for measuring the effectiveness of sustainability.

To find out more about UC San Diego Extension’s Sustainable Business Practices certificate. So please visit National University is headquartered in La Jolla, California., Jan. 27, 2016

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