Verterra Makes a Plate Like No Other..From Fallen Leaves and Are Biodegradeable!!

Recently Verterra dinnerware company and I got to talking about how their product did not seem like any ordinary disposable plate.  I really wanted to learn more about this company.  I mean if they are using strong durable disposable plates and bowls and more that are totally eco friendly and natural.  To think that a simple way to green living can be to just change the types of disposable plates we use is fantastic.

Verterra is biodegradable since it breaks down into mostly water, carbon dioxide, and organic compost in 6 months.

This product is also compostable.  This means it rapidly biodegrades and disintegrates.  This releases nutrients into the soil, without leaving behind any toxic residues.   To be considered compostable, products should meet the ASTM Standards for plastics and packaging.

After learning these terms I realized that this product is more than biodegradable.  According to all the studies they did on the product to meet certain standards, it was determined that a mixture of compost and VerTerra byproducts act as a fertilizer.  This will enhance plant growth signicantly.

Not only did they say that VerTerra

Some great food on Verterra plates. Not a bad looking plate for a party; right acts as a compost, but it also makes high-quality compost. 

These 8 packs are located at Whole Foods stores and can go from $3.99 – $6.99 depending on the product.  Now while it might not be for you just yet, the These 8 packs are located at Whole Foods stores and can go from $3.99 – $6.99 depending on the product.  Now while it might not be for you just yet, the Dallas Cowboys use them (WHY NOT THE NY GIANTS?), schools, restaurants, hospitals, food service agencies and more are catching on.  This in my opinion will bring down the price in the future based on quantities.  However, to think I can serve a party and get great compost for $7.00 at the most; not bad.

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