CubeDepot & AB design studio Present Cutting Edge

CubeDepot Unveils Innovative CubeBuilder Application

Signature line of offices along with cloud-based platform that lets you design your own “OfficeCube” demonstrate incredible versatility of shipping containers

Santa Barbara, CA (June 20, 2013) ­ CubeDepot, a company that provides end-to-end solutions for sourcing, buying, renting, and modifying shipping containers, today introduced a container office prototype at Dwell on Design LA. Created and designed in partnership with award-winning Architecture and Interior Design cubedepotFirm, AB design studio (ABds), the office is imagined for people seeking an efficient, modern, and cost-effective workspace. CubeDepot also unveiled its proprietary “CubeBuilder” tool, which allows you to select and customize containers for myriad purposes – including offices – while receiving live pricing for your selections based on the current market value. CubeBuilder, currently in BETA, will be available to the public when CubeDepot’s online marketplace,, launches this July.

The Modular Expandable: Office Unit concept (ME:OU) exhibited at the Dwell show is an 800 square-foot custom office space made of five 20-foot shipping containers. A durable, affordable, and environmentally friendly solution to the modern-day workplace, it features a conference room, waiting room, breezeway and lounge area, and viewing room. The interior is finished with high-end carpet and wood floor coverings, while the exterior finish is industrial and clean. Made to support a high-tech environment, the ME:OU includes a conference table, computer stations, flat-screen TVs, pre-installed network configurations, and complete HVAC options. A cost-effective, self-contained alternative to traditional construction, the ME:OU can be literally dropped down into an existing space on any location, and can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of an individual or team of people.

“As creative, design-centric architects and interior designers we are always pushing the boundaries and looking for new ways to reinvent the everyday structure,” says AB design studio co-owner Clay Aurell. “The ME:OU exemplifies a major shift in the way people are thinking about what used to be nothing more than a shipping container: containers are now a launching point to endless living, working and retail possibilities.”

While mobile field offices have historically been found on construction or disaster sites where a portable workspace is needed, these innovative and economical portable structures are becoming more commonly used to fit a multitude of needs, from individuals and small businesses, to large corporations in need of a multi-unit complex. Because they are constructed out of refurbished shipping containers that have been previously IOS (International Organization of Standardization) certified for freight transportation, they are engineered to withstand heavy cargo loads and harsh ocean conditions. This means they are highly resilient to vigorous winds, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

“We are excited to have partnered with AB design studio to envision a structurally sound, low-cost solution to the workplace of tomorrow; the ME:OU is just the beginning,” says CubeDepot Founder and President, Al Harris. “Soon, consumers will be able to virtually create their own offices – and so much more – with just a few clicks using our proprietary CubeBuilder tool.”

CubeBuilder, displayed at the Dwell show inside the ME:OU, is a first-of-its-kind cloud-based platform that allows you to virtually customize a container with specifications that fit your needs. Using a high-tech drag and drop function, you can experiment with different features, such as windows, colors and doors, all while receiving live pricing for your selections based on real-time inventory. With the potential to disrupt the container trading industry, the CubeBuilder tool embodies a level of sophistication and transparency the industry has yet to see.

The ME:OU is an extension of ME:LU (Modular Expandable: Living Unit), also created by AB design studio, which won the Open Up the Box competition in 2008. Designed by AB design studio lead architects and co-founders Clay Aurell and Josh Blumer, ME:LU was imagined for small residential units, featuring a variety of configurations based on an additive and subtractive modular system. Currently, AB design studio is working on several innovative container based housing projects, including a 21-unit low cost workforce housing project in Santa Barbara, and a high-end residential project overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Sources: CubeDepot and AB design studio