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IREM is proud to announce its latest certified sustainable property, Broadstone Little Italy, which is perched above San Diego Bay, and crafted in the spirit of an Amalfi village but with an eye toward the future. A future that is possible thanks to continued sustainability efforts of its management company, Alliance Residential Company.

What is an IREM® Certified Sustainable Property

The IREM® Certified Sustainable Property is the only sustainability certification program. One that focuses on the role of exceptional real estate management in green building performance. Available for office, multifamily, and retail properties. So the certification provides properties with recognition for resource efficiency. That’s as well as environmental programs.

To earn the certification, a property must first meet key baseline requirements. Moreover and then earn necessary points. That’s  across energy, water, health, recycling, and purchasing categories. Tenants and residents increasingly associate environmental performance with quality, so the IREM® Certified Sustainable Property certification presents a prime opportunity to showcase quality, responsible real estate management.

broadstone little italy
Broadstone Little Italy is a perfect example of how Alliance has implemented sustainability into their corporate culture.

Alliance is committed to sustainable business practices and has developed the Focus Green program to help minimize the impact their properties have on the environment, provide healthy and efficient homes and offices, control operating expenses, drive savings and promote environmental awareness to stakeholders. They know that their focus on conservation and energy does more than just help the environment; it also helps their bottom line.

“The concept of green buildings has come a long way, from vague ideas of changing out lightbulbs to a corporate imperative, one that transcends energy efficiency to embracing health and wellness”, states Christopher Mellen, CPM®, ARM®, IREM® President, The Simon Companies, Braintree, Mass. “We congratulate Alliance on their initiative in achieving this certification at Broadstone Little Italy.”

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