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In a bid to engage millennials in the upcoming election. For NextGen Climate has released a humorous digital ad. It’s also featuring the renowned comedian and more recently Emmy-winning actor, Aziz Ansari. The video is also being distributed across key battleground states. For it aims to encourage young people to exercise their right to vote. Especially with a focus on reaching young voters where they are. For that’s online and on their phones. Because NextGen Climate’s #WHYWEVOTE campaign seeks to energize and also empower millennials. That’s most importantly to make their voices heard.

The Power of Humor in Encouraging Voter Turnout

Using humor as a tool to engage and also motivate young voters has proven to be an effective strategy. In the new NextGen Climate video, Aziz Ansari expresses his disbelief at those who deny the existence of climate change. Thereby emphasizing the importance of voting in order to address this pressing issue. By injecting humor into the message, Ansari grabs the attention of millennials. In addition, encourages them to take action.

“He doesn’t believe in climate change! That’s how dumb you have to be? To not believe in climate change?! At this point?!” – Aziz Ansari

Targeting Key Battleground States

NextGen Climate’s ad will be strategically run in key battleground states, including Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Nevada. By focusing on these states, the campaign aims to reach a larger audience of young voters who can potentially sway the outcome of the election. The ad will be distributed through various digital channels, such as social media, mobile and desktop video, display ads, and popular streaming platforms like Hulu, Xbox, and SlingTV.

The #WHYWEVOTE Campaign

The humorous video featuring Aziz Ansari is part of NextGen Climate’s broader #WHYWEVOTE campaign. This campaign includes a series of videos and targeted content specifically designed to energize and engage young voters. By utilizing online platforms and mobile devices, NextGen Climate aims to meet millennials where they spend a significant amount of their time, making it easier for them to participate in the democratic process.

Millennials’ Concern for the Environment

NextGen Climate’s focus on engaging millennials is driven by their genuine concern for pressing issues, particularly climate change. This generation is hyper-aware of the progress that needs to be made in addressing climate change and is eager to support leaders who are also committed to taking action. By targeting millennials, NextGen Climate thereby aims to tap into this enthusiasm and also empower young voters. That’s most importantly to make a difference.

“We’re focused on millennials because they care about the issues and they want leaders who will take action.” – Tom Steyer, NextGen Climate President

Complementary Field Program

In addition to the digital ad campaign, NextGen Climate has an extensive field program. One that aLao operates on 300 campuses across 13 battleground states. This program aims to reach out to millennials directly. Thereby encouraging them to turn out and vote on Election Day. By combining online efforts with on-the-ground engagement. Then NextGen Climate maximizes its impact. Furthermore it ensures that its message resonates with young voters.


NextGen Climate’s humorous digital ad featuring Aziz Ansari serves as a powerful tool to engage millennials and encourage them to vote in the upcoming election. By leveraging humor and targeting key battleground states, NextGen Climate aims to energize young voters and empower them to make a difference. Through their #WHYWEVOTE campaign and complementary field program, NextGen Climate is actively working to ensure that millennials have a voice in shaping the future of our nation. So, let’s follow Aziz Ansari’s plea and make our voices heard – go vote!

SAN FRANCISCO (October 18, 2016) –NextGen Climate 

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Source: NextGen Climate

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