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Cree LED bulb offers new bulbs. For Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) announces a completely new portfolio of next generation LED bulbs. Thereby aimed at delivering better light experiences. Especially for consumers. The new bulb portfolio consists of 25 new products, offering better light quality, better dimming, better lifetime, better warranty and better pricing to deliver on the true promise of LED technology to make lighting better than it was before.

cree led

Cree is also committed to innovation and unlocking the true potential of LED technology. So many new LED also products fail to live up to the promise of LED technology. They shouldn’t you choose a better bulb when it will live in your house for decades? Cree believes it’s now more important than ever. Especially to give consumers a better choice.

The Home Depot Cree LED Bulb

As we know The Home Depot continues to offer the latest innovations in LED lighting. Especially as can be seen with this new portfolio of Cree® LED bulbs. Their customers are also looking for a high quality LED lighting experience. One that combines the latest technology with the benefits of energy savings and more importantly durability. For that’s what LEDs are known for.

Candlelight Cree LED Bulb

Notable features in the new bulbs include superior lifetimes. Those with most projected to last 22+ years and some up to 32 years. Color rendition is improved. As with smoother, quieter dimming to levels as low as 1 percent. Cree’s market-leading “Candlelight Dimming,” available in the new candelabra bulb. For it mimic’s a true candle flame with a warmer 1800K color when dimmed.

Energy Star Rated

The new Cree bulbs meet or surpass the requirements for ENERGY STAR® product certification. For they are covered by a 10 year 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. It’s one of the strongest warranties in the industry. The new bulb portfolio includes new A-lamps, BR lamps, PAR lamps and Candelabra lamps. That’s as well as a new series of recessed downlight retrofit products.

For the new Cree LED bulbs are available this month. That’s online, in-store and at The Home Depot®.

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Source: Cree, DURHAM, N.C., September 13, 2016 —

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