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If you can believe it, according to a recent NEMA report – halogens are still the best-selling bulb type, proof of the education that still needs to be done on LEDs. While roughly 200 million Americans have purchased at least one LED light for their home, consumers still don’t realize that Cree LED lighting is now a sustainable technology. Most importantly, that some LED technologies are better than others.

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This fall, as consumers make their way to the lighting aisle, the choice will no longer be whether to choose an LED bulb or not. For it will be which LED bulb. Moreover and consumers need to realize that not all LEDs are created equal. So that they have a right to better.

Realizing consumers need a better option, Cree announced today a completely new portfolio of Cree LED bulbs. I mean 25 total new products. All with one goal in mind: provide better light experiences.

Beyond saving money, only better light can:

· Exceed ENERGY STAR© requirements, even when the EPA recently reduced minimum requirements for ENERGY STAR© certification for LED bulbs.

· Help make you feel more productive, more relaxed, safer – and can even impact sleeping by aligning with your circadian rhythm. Better light has become not only a “green” choice, but a healthy choice.

Source: Cree

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