Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Both Organized and Green

Our favorite frog Kermit says, “It isn’t easy being green.” But we beg to differ. With new fads about being organic to stay healthy, the ways we clean are changing too. Organizational expert Barbara Reich is back with a new “Life Organized” episode to give you all her tips on being green! From reusable shopping bags to non-toxic cleaners, you will be making the Earth beautiful… just like your home!

Did you know bamboo is the newest must have?

Go Green with Lilywrap Reusable Gift Wraps

Another great green alternative is the It’s the perfect solution to save both time + trees this holiday season. Try Liliwrap. (no I wasn’t paid by them)

Lilywrap Overview:

Saves Trees – 4+ million tons of wrapping paper waste is produced during the holidays each year in the US alone. Our reusable stretchy fabric gift wrap with built-in bow offers same look as traditional wrapping paper without the waste.

Saves Time – Americans each spend approximately 3 hours wrapping presents during the busy holiday season. Now, easily wrap gifts of virtually any shape, size in just 30-seconds with simple “set, cinch + tie” method. Watch how it works.

Saves Money – Americans spend $2.6 billion on gift wrap every year. Our durable, reusable wraps have been reused as many 50 times without wear and tear and each wrap pays for itself after only a few uses.

Great for Travel & Shipping – The ability to quickly rewrap gifts if needed makes Lilywrap convenient for travelers taking gifts through airport security while the fabric’s durability means the wraps arrive tear-free when shipped out of town.

Kia Soul Electric Car

While some of the electric cars out there have more range (for now), the Kia Soul electric was a fun car to drive of the all electrics. My friends at Kia know simply how to make an electric car.

As I have written before, fully electric vehicles can lead to a drastic change of habits and spending from gas guzzling vehicles. As I am constantly educating consumers to know and understand what it’s like to live fully electric; bottom line it’s more than an amazing car. It really is a Kia Soul all electrified car!

kia soul evfront of kia soul evinterior Kia Soul electric car

Smart Breeze Fans

Using a ceiling fan in the summer can reduce a home’s energy usage by 40%, and in the winter can reduce energy used to heat a house by up to 15%, yet many people forget to orient the directional rotation of their ceiling fans appropriately.

Smart Breeze maximizes the efficiency of a house hold ceiling fan by replacing the reverse switch in a ceiling with a durable economical thermostat. This ensures that everyone gets the full benefit of utilizing a ceiling fan all year long while keeping the Earth’s health a priority.
Smart Breeze fans are a product without a manufacturing partner. We need your help to reach the larger manufacturers so that we may affect the largest change in this industry.

Please help us by sending them an email and telling them that you’re ready for a more eco-conscious ceiling fan.

Without you this product may never save any energy. We want these retailers to know that energy conservation is a top priority. 

together we can create a change that can help to heal our planet.

Or Call 1-800-445-6937

Home Depot


OR Call 855-HD-Hampton (855-434-2678)

Monte Carlo Fans


Emerson Fans

Craftmade Fans


Hunter Fans

With your help we can make a difference.

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