There’s no denying offices and universities across the country are going green. In just two decades, green offices have gone from being quirky and odd to mainstream. Greener construction is now a major driver of local business and jobs. It’s big business for the construction industry, but how does it impact those within the buildings?

The way a building performs has become crucially important to businesses seeking offices to rent.

Efficient building systems for climate control where performance is optimised, cabling for power distribution that has been approved in a cable testing lab, and water management solutions all have a measureable impact on the bottom line.

Green building green wall

Health Impact

There’s another important factor at play here as well – the health of the staff. Harvard found that air quality had a measurable impact on the way people were thinking while inside the building. The study was able to show that common office pollutant had a negative impact on the way people performed indoors. It slowed them down and made them more likely to call in sick. Over time lack of air quality had a drastic impact on aggregate performance of the whole company.

This certainly shows that a great way for employers to raise productivity at the workplace was by going green. A healthier work environment could also help attract and retain talent at the company.

Green footprint


As the pressure to go green mounts and employees realise the benefits of a healthier workplace, employers will be required to be more transparent. This means construction will have to fundamentally change. Offices will be likely to promote the fact that their space is cleaner and greener than others. Green certificates and sustainability awards already have a measurably impact on business reputation. This will soon become a competitive edge. Offering a chair that isn’t covered in flame retardant and likely to cause memory loss will surely be appreciated by employees.

SolarEnergy efficiency


Using energy more efficiently is surely likely to show up on the bottom line. But sustainable buildings have a far reaching impact on the culture of the firm. A firm that takes workplace efficiency seriously is likely to come across as a well-managed and responsible business. This will no doubt help employees work better and waste less as they go about their jobs.

Value for money

The extra money spent on rent and solar roofing is likely to pay off quickly. Not only will the energy bills be lowered but long-term expansion will get easier. Well Building Standards that certify the focu on health can help set your office apart and show employees you genuinely care. Think of every green initiative as an investment in staff health and happiness. This will undoubtedly show results in productivity and retention metrics.

Going green used to be all about saving the planet. It was severely restricted to wealthy individuals and environmental activists a few decades ago. But since the costs of going green have reduced sustainable workplaces have become a mainstream competitive edge that companies willingly invest in. To improve the work culture, boost efficiency and retain staff, focus on health and sustainability rather than just the bottom line.

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