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First of all, Listen. Before I get into this about solar I am putting it simply. I am getting solar panels installed on my roof!!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently unveiled rooftop solar panels that look exactly like roof tiles. That sort of creative thinking has allowed companies like Tesla to leapfrog energy giants and take advantage of the biggest business opportunity in centuries – the solar energy boom.

There is absolutely no doubt that solar energy will contribute a substantial portion of the world’s energy by the end of the decade.

So, most importantly, what sort of opportunities does this paradigm shift offer to entrepreneurs? Here are the top six best solar business opportunities:

Solar panels

Product Marketing

Tesla isn’t likely to be the only player in the innovative solar products space. There’s a ton of players in the market already. Moreover and many of them will have different products. All that will need to be marketed. Online marketing experts and affiliates could get involved and start selling products right away. There are a number of affiliate programs for solar products out there right now. Or you could simply set up a blog. Also a marketing site for solar products on Amazon.


Here’s an interesting business opportunity if you’re good with numbers. Homeowners and businesses will need guidance on cutting their bills and finding energy efficient products. A service that puts the numbers together and evaluates the potential capacity for energy generation will most likely be in hot demand.

Solar areays


The best way to get involved with upcoming technology is to be a consultant. Businesses and individuals will need some guidance on setting up big solar projects and generating energy. Your insights and analysis could be invaluable if you hire experts from the industry. You could also simply focus on the financial products and offer investors guidance on investing in solar stocks or ETFs.

 Solar Farm Developer

Solar panels on rooftops are alright for many homes. However but they won’t be the best solution for industrial properties or regions where the sun doesn’t always shine. These properties will have to rely on massive solar farms. Those that connect them up with the grid. Developing or leasing out parcels of land converted into solar farms it huge. For it’s perhaps the biggest business opportunity in this industry.

Landowners and property developers are already cashing in and building out massive solar farms in the middle of nowhere.

There’s no reason a small contractor can’t get involved.

Panel Cleaning & Repair

Panels will eventually need repairs and regular cleaning services. As the number of panels across the world expands. That’s a quick and affordable cleaning service. One that specializes in solar panels which could stand to benefit. Setting up such an operation is relatively simple. So this is the sort of business model that promises regular cash flows. Especially from long-term contracts.

In addition, every new technology brings with it a lot of opportunities. That’s for investors and entrepreneurs. The solar energy boom is well underway right now. All so there really cannot be a better time to get involved.

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