Got an email from the Green Living Editor for Fix’s lifestyle blog. They’ve recently published an illustrated article on reducing plastic use in your home that you may enjoy. The article includes guides to the types of hazardous daily plastics and how long those plastics may stick around.

Here is ONLY a segment.

Carry Your Own Reusable Water Container or Coffee Cup with You

Here’s where we give you permission to buy yourself a little gift. By purchasing a stainless steel (the aluminum ones are lined with plastic) or glass water bottle and/or an insulated or ceramic coffee cup. So you’ll easily avoid plastic on a daily basis. Buy the most beautiful one that you can find.

Bring Your Own Eating Utensils
My mind can’t even wrap itself around all the plastic home utensils like knives. In addition, forks, and spoons that are tossed into the garbage can every day. That’s much less every month or year. Keep a set of personal cutlery in your car or purse in a cloth bag. Tuck a stainless steel straw in there, too.

However, in the first infographic shows how long things take to decompose. For example, plastic bags take 10-20 years. Throw away or disposable diapers are the worst at 450 years.

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