Miami Dade Energy Receives Award For Major Energy Savings

State College, PA—The National Association of Counties (NACo) has given Miami-Dade County an Achievement Award for implementation of a utility monitoring and payment processing system. The system was facilitated by implementation of the EnergyCAP® utility bill tracking software.

The County’s Utility Billing Management Program is currently providing a centralized and automated procedure to process over $100 million worth of annual electricity bills for the County’s dynamic building portfolio of more than 1,500 facilities. The program has enabled the County to effectively plan for its energy use and to benchmark important trends necessary to obtain ENERGY STAR building certifications. 

The new implementation translated electricity billing information electronically, audited the information, provided a common platform for multiple users (via online or an installed Windows software), and created a bill processing interface for three separate financial systems. 

The centralized system now provides the County a reduction countywide energy utility bill costs, improve auditing and accountability, and enhance overall utility bill management efficiency.

Through an automated interface with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Portfolio Manager, the EnergyCAP software has allowed the County to begin benchmarking with ENERGY STAR by submitting data for 167 buildings. Having an understanding of where the buildings rate on the ENERGY STAR scale – a national ranking – allows energy management staff to prioritize energy performance improvement projects and seek ENERGY STAR building certifications. 

To date, it is estimated that program implementation has already prevented over 160,000 pieces of paper from being created and handled. Based on industry estimates, the County has saved over $1.1 million in labor and material costs through the automated Utility Bill Management Program.

The County now has a modern platform from which to add and automate data collection for other utilities, such as water and natural gas. This will assist in future County endeavors to meet sustainability and resiliency goals and realize greater cost savings.

For more see the infographic below. 

Sources: EnergyCAP, Inc. and Miami-Dade County