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When companies and contractors need to complete work in environmentally sensitive areas. For it’s vital that they take the necessary steps to keep the natural area from getting damaged. One of the ways that many industries are working to keep natural areas preserved is through the use of bog mats. A bog mat is a covering designed to protect the ground when heavy machinery or other vehicles will be driving. Here are five ways they help protect the environment.

1. Prevent Soil Erosion

Constant driving over soil with heavy vehicles or other industrial equipment can wreak havoc on an area’s soil. In just a few hours, the soil could be completely eroded and destroyed. The best way to combat this problem is to cover the soil with an effective solution. That’s such as a bog mat. This way, the natural minerals and nutrients in the soil won’t be disturbed.

2. Avoid Damage to Tree Roots

Trees also stand to benefit if bog mats are used during work with heavy equipment. The network of tree roots in the ground provides the area’s forests with moisture and nutrients that are vital to a healthy organism. When vehicles start tearing up the ground as they drive back and forth. For they sometimes take the tree roots with them. All which could lead to the area’s trees dying.

3. Stop Animal Habitat Destruction

Bog mats are also essential to keeping the region’s animals protected from habitat destruction. Creatures such as earthworms, wolves, beetles, and more rely on the soil for shelter, food, and cover.

4. Preserve a Natural Wetland

Area wetlands can also benefit from products such as DuraBase bog mats. Wetlands are becoming more threatened as pollution and urban sprawl impact areas around the world. This necessary resource helps keep the planet’s water system filtered and flowing properly.

5. Maintain an Ecosystem

Other types of ecosystems also can benefit from bog mats. Whether you’re working in a preserved park land or a large, remote forest, bog mats are one of the ways companies can ensure they’re doing the right thing without impacting their project’s objectives. The natural balance of life and resources doesn’t have to be disturbed if your company is aware.

When it’s time to schedule important work in protected lands, companies need to equip themselves with the right tools to keep those lands from becoming a victim. It’s essential to do whatever is possible to keep the ground protected and make an effort to leave no trace behind after the work has been completed.

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