A New Greek Formula Takes Hold in the Cyclades

LuxurIous Island Experience Delivers Luxury Travel with Meaning

Luxury eco-resort travel company LuxurIOS is delighted to announce the opening of Agalia Suites, a new boutique hotel near the whitewashed village of Chora on the Greek island of Ios. The new property along with its outdoor Pathos Lounge represent a new approach to travel in Greece. For that’s mixing modern art and luxury. All to embrace cultural and natural heritage. For that’s based on a commitment to sustainable tourism._S8A4312_philipas





Agalia Suites

Agalia Suites is a 14-room sustainably designed boutique hotel. It’s next to the whitewashed traditional village of Chora. That’s along with Pathos Lounge. For it’s an outdoor retreat overlooking the Aegean Sea. One that welcomes day visitors by blending nature and nurture seamlessly together. Both represent a new approach to travel in Greece. For that’s mixing modern art and luxury to embrace cultural and natural heritage. All based on a commitment to sustainable tourism. Think centuries-old olive trees and private gardens with plush pillows amid traditional Cycladic architecture, while savoring the best Greek wines with dishes made from locally grown and freshly prepared ingredients. Call it a new Greek formula for travel that embraces sense of place and celebrates the beauty of Greece, while protecting it for future generations.

poolsideios“Over the last few decades, we have spent our summers exploring the beautiful beaches and wild nature of the Cyclades Islands, only to see many of our favorite places overcome by mass tourism development. We are committed to protecting Ios from that fate,” says Vassiliki Perridou, President of LuxurIos Island Experience.

With more than 5,000 acres of stunning private island landscape.

For that’s including wild mountains and valleys, along with 10 private beaches that are among the most beautiful in the entire Aegean, guests who book their holidays with LuxurIos Island Experiences will discover a Greece free from tourist crowds.

“We have made a conscious decision to build on only 1% of our land on Ios, leaving the rest to remain part of nature to help ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy the island’s wild beauty and magnificent beaches,” adds Perridou.

Overlooking the sparkling sea, Agalia Suites boutique hotel has a large, chemical-free swimming pool and 14 individually designed artistic suites.

Awarded with 4 Keys for its excellent facilities and services. So this stylish hotel brings together luxury and authenticity. It’s also an ideal location. Thereby creating the perfect setting for exploring the nearby town of Chora. So it’s setting out on daily adventures. All to find the hidden coves and pristine beaches dotting the island. Then returning to watch the sunset in the comfortable ambiance of Pathos Lounge.


A stay at Agalia is all about embracing the laidback lifestyle of Ios and enjoying the high quality guest services of LuxurIos Island Experience.

sea_view_suite_0005_14_2tWith LuxurIos Island Experience’s private guides, you can explore the island’s history and culture while enjoying its majestic landscapes. A beach barbeque with local fishermen delivering their catch right from the water? Just ask. A full moon dinner on the sands for you and your loved one? Of course. A hike into the mountains? LuxurIos will take you. This is Greece travel as it was meant to be – pure, inspiring and beautiful.

Source: LuxurIos Island Experience

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