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Indigenous Protector respond to documents

Indigenous Protector groups for #NoDAPL last week learned of the Intercept publishing an article. It’s revealing leaked documents. Documents moreover that prove Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) (who is the parent company of the Dakota Access Pipeline) and law enforcement from five states were using counterterrorist tactics. All during the time the #NoDAPL camps were also operating.

In addition, a contractor who worked with TigerSwan, the security company hired by ETP leaked. They leaked over 100 internal documents revealing that “TigerSwan spearheaded a multifaceted private security operation. One that was characterized by sweeping and intrusive surveillance of protesters.

Moreover, the documents also show that the security company compared the Indigenous Water Protectors to jihadist fighters.

Indigenous Protector : Standing rock

English: “August 31st, 2016 – North Dakota – The #NoDAPL Indigenous water protectors have come to stand with Standing Rock Sioux Native Americans. For they took non-violent direct action by locking themselves to construction equipment.

This is “Happy” American Horse from the Sicangu Nation, hailing from Rosebud.” Date 31 August 2016 Source “#NoDAPL – Water protector “Happi” American Horse in North Dakota” at about 0:09.

The document notes that the military would “examine the tactics and techniques and develop responses” to any particular “threat group.” The leaked document also states that the military would “conduct simulations and training missions”. Those that would include “improvised explosive devices, paramilitary type formations, and other forms of direct action.”


The global movement against fossil fuels is an unprecedented show of force against an industry that threatens to render billions of people permanently homeless. Environmental activists who work along the pipeline corridor have been at the forefront of this struggle. Over the last two decades, many of these activists have made the journey to Standing Rock, North Dakota, to resist, block, and ultimately stop the project. However, the government has been using anti-pipeline activists as tools against its enemies for decades now.

Source: The Indigenous Environmental Network

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