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Sustainable Hudson Valley is pleased to be collaborating with EV Connect all to defray costs. That’s for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. I mean for up to $8,000 per dual-port station.

Drive electric Hudson Valley and EV connect

In addition, Municipality’s facilities and school districts. Also commercial districts and commuter hubs. Finally tourist sites and other locations. Especially with high traffic. Moreover and public exposure are encouraged to contact us.

The BTC Power’s AC Level 2 (L2) Pedestal chargers are great. For they have an extensive track record. Especially of developing power conversion and charging solutions. All for a broad range of applications. Like the L2 Wall Mount charger, the L2 Pedestal. For it comes fully calibrated, tested, sealed, and ready for installation.

Ev connect charging station for electric cars


EV Charging as a Service (EV CaaS) is a comprehensive, turnkey solution. One that provides EV charging equipment. Also installation and software. Finally maintenance and driver support. All under a predictable monthly payment.

Enjoy all the benefits of adding EV charging stations to your property. All the while EV Connect takes care of every aspect of the EV charging infrastructure.

What is the difference between EV CaaS and the Network Solution?

For their standard Network Solution requires upfront payment. I mean for the charging stations. That’s as well as any make-ready infrastructure for your parking lot. The software license under the Network Solution can be paid upfront. Also or on a yearly basis. With EV CaaS, all the costs are bundled together. That’s under predictable monthly payments. Thereby avoiding a large upfront cost.

Eligible expenses include charging hardware. Also network software and installation. Finally and data reporting.Funding is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information contact SHV’s Drive Electric Hudson Valley’s Program Manager Seth Leitman. His email is at

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