Top 10 Greenest Cities in the US: Austin, TX #1

Even though Earth Day passed, for The Green Living Guy everyday is Earth Day!!

However, here’s the new list with you that ranks the 10 Greenest Cities in the US. Taking into consideration factors like the number of electric car plug-ins and miles of bike lane, the team at ListShack ranked US cities’ ‘greenness’ by a system of unique ‘green’ data points.

Here are just a few interesting takeaways:

Austin, TX beat out other cities by a large margin and tops the list as the Greenest City in the US

5 out of the 10 greenest cities are located in the Northeast

10 cities including Seattle, Kansas City, and Raleigh didn’t quite make the cut for the top 10, but were still ‘green’ enough to make the top 20 cities and are included in the list of honorable mentions. 

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