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Atlanta (March 23, 2017) Jim Ellis Chevrolet Brings Bolt Experience to Georgia Drivers First!

Jim Ellis Chevrolet announced that the dealership has acquired its first 2017 Chevrolet Bolt. While people might be able to see the Bolt in the CARB state areas you can get this car. Not in GEORGIA!!

That’s why they want Georgia to test-drive this “North American Car of the Year”!

Atlanta (March 23, 2017) Jim Ellis Chevrolet Brings Bolt Experience to Georgia Drivers First!
Source: Jim Ellis GM

They are asking you to come to Jim Ellis Chevrolet for that experience. This highly anticipated all-electric vehicle is not even slated to be available in Georgia until September of this year; currently widely available in California; plus in New York.

Straight from California

“The Bolt is not available in Georgia so we went to California and bought one,” said Mark Frost, VP of Operations for Jim Ellis. “We wanted our customers to be able to test-drive the vehicle in advance of them being available for purchase.”

Frost also indicated that the dealership has had great success with the Chevrolet Volt, the EV plug-in with a range extender, and Jim Ellis Chevrolet is one of the few dealers in Georgia with a solar EV charging station.

The Bolt boasts an EPA-certified range of 238 miles on a charge and is expected to compete directly with Tesla’s upcoming entry in this category. The vehicle is eligible for a $7,500 Federal Tax credit. Georgia, at this time, does not offer a tax credit. Prices start under $30,000 after applying the Federal Tax credit.

Brookhaven Bolt

As presenting sponsor of the Brookhaven Bolt, Jim Ellis Chevrolet wanted to have the Chevrolet Bolt prior to this Ashford Park Elementary fundraising event in May. As the pace car provider for the 5K event, it only seemed fitting that a Chevrolet Bolt should serve as the lead car for the Brookhaven Bolt!

In addition, the Chevrolet Bolt is available for test-drives at Jim Ellis Chevrolet. For it is also located at 5900 Peachtree Boulevard, Chamblee, GA 30341. Finally, or can be scheduled online at

Source: Jim Ellis Chevrolet,

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