Harnessing and recycling office waste with potential for reuse, or properly managing the resources in the office will bring value not only to the company, but also to the fragile environment.

It is important to be clear about the relevance of recycling as a business practice. By recycling we drastically reduce the waste we are producing for landfill, while also reducing the need to extract finite resources from our planet.

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By reducing the rate at which we extract raw materials from the planet, we not only slow the destruction of natural environments and processes, but we also prevent the saturation of waste deposit areas and contamination of other delicate environments. In turn, becoming a green business and increasing the amount you recycle can bring noticeable financial perks. It is often far cheaper to send commercial waste to be recycled than to have it collected for landfill, while also reducing the elements you need to purchase.

Recycling paper products

Recycling paper and cardboard has a positive impact the environment, not only by reducing the need for tree felling and therefore maintaining the delicate ecosystems within forests, but by maintaining or even improving air quality by the number of trees left standing.

Refilling Ink cartridges

You can also recycle components other than paper products. Ink cartridges for printers can be refilled many times before they need parts to be replaced. Even when they can no longer be refilled, they can be sent off to specialist recycling points where they can be dismantled and recycled.

Go digital

The use of clean energy, as well as energy efficiency have a positive impact on productivity. More offices are switching to digital alternatives – such as email and shared remote access to documents. These are much quicker than the hard copy alternatives and reduce the need for paper. This makes it much better for the environment.

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How to reduce, recycle and reuse office materials

How to reduce, recycle and reuse office materials
• Provide the office with plenty of recycling points which make it clear how to separate materials.
• Reduce the use of paper to send memos, documents or communications of any kind. It’s time for you to get 100% digital.
• Use the Cloud to archive documents and records saves paper. Also it won’t then succumb to Data Destruction.
This will free up office space while helping the planet!
• If you really need to, only print the final document!
• Refill ink cartridges rather than buying new units each time.
• Print double sided to half the number of pages you use.
• When you need to communicate new measures or announcements, draw on a black or whiteboard, your team can take a photograph is they need a permanent record.
• If you need to remove waste, consider hiring a skip from a supplier which recycles the majory of the waste.
• Stop providing your employees with disposable cups, recycle the ones you have and replace them with washable vessels.
• Try to reuse envelopes and packaging, particularly for internal mail.
• Reuse crushed paper to wrap or package.

Encourage your employees

Help your employees to recycle in the Office.  By making plenty of recycling bins available is a great start. That’ll convince people.  Just make sure to have separate containers for paper, plastic, glass and aluminium. Make it as simple as possible. That will increase the chance people will recycle.

It’s necessary to make all employees aware of the importance of recycling. These initiatives as an action have a common benefit. Doing so means a little bit of just doing something right turns into great environmental and economic benefits.