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Dolphin forced into entertainment

So: do you know where your entertainment comes from?

Dolphins forced into captivity: This video asks! Again: dolphins are forced into captivity is not funny at all. In addition, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has released a video about dolphin captivity today. That’s the same day that Japan begins its annual six-month dolphin drive in Taiji.

The video, titled “Do You Know Where Your Entertainment Comes From?” begins with shots of dolphins performing at a marine park to enthusiastic crowds. The video takes a turn. Especially when the same footage begins to go in reverse. However it goes further back. That’s to trace just how dolphins end up in these dolphinariums. I mean all in the first place.

Dolphin force

That route goes backwards. That’s to include crane shots of dolphins being transported. Then also trained in sea pens. Finally to the bloody waters of the infamous Cove in Taiji, Japan. Moreover and beyond.

Watch the video here: – Link

Dolphin forced into a bloody hunt.
Source: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The accompanying text posted on Sea Shepherd’s You Tube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account reads:

Forced into Bloody Dolphin Hunt

Every year from September 1st to March 1st, thousands of dolphins are viciously herded into a hidden cove in Taiji, Japan. That’s by local hunter. All who have the sole purpose of kidnapping some and also murdering the rest.

This bloody massacre is also conducted with the backing of the Japanese government. The dolphins that are not brutally killed. For they are permanently traumatized after being forced to witness the horror of their family members being slaughtered.

Dolphins Forced into Slavery for Dolphin Hunt

This is then followed by a horrifying existence of living in a tiny 10 X10 enclosure and being forced to beg and learn tricks, just to receive food.

Once they have properly “conformed” to the ritual of performing for a meal. All so they are ready to be sold into a life of slavery. That’s to the highest bidder. I mean from marine parks around the world.

Dolphin Forced to and fed pills

Most importantly, the dolphins are force fed pills. For that’s that make them more subdued. Especially to keep them from lashing out at humans. So this is followed immediately by “uppers”. All so they will still have the energy to perform.


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  1. I had to share this. Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention. Sea shepherd are an amazing group of people and deserve the support you are giving them. I’ve tagged your page in ‘My Fellow Bloggers’ category.

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