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September 19, 2017 — Three indigenous communities on the front lines of the Amazon rainforest’s most emblematic rights and resources struggles now have solar energy generation capacity and internet hubs thanks to a partnership between Amazon Watch and Empowered By Light.

While Trump administration denies the impacts of climate change on the disastrous weather events in recent weeks. Yet indigenous communities in the Amazon are leading us toward a brighter future. Especially as they embrace clean energy. All the while defending the living forest. That’s as demonstrated in the new video released today by Amazon Watch and Credo Mobile.

“These communities are true climate leaders,” said Leila Salazar-López, Executive Director at Amazon Watch. “Lighting the way for our climate and our forests, these indigenous earth defenders know that the solution to climate change must include stopping the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.”

Solar Micro Grid

Solar micro-systems and radio communications infrastructure now power five Sápara communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Especially as they resist oil drilling on their lands. For that’s in two Munduruku communities in the Brazilian Amazon. Most importantly as they demand legal recognition and protection for their territory. Finally and four U’wa communities in the Colombian cloud forests. All as they defend their sacred sites. More installations are planned for late 2017 and 2018.

The astoundingly biodiversity of the Amazon is home to hundreds of distinct indigenous peoples whose futures are threatened by this resurgent wave of resource exploitation, often living in remote areas where they are vulnerable to violent repression. The solar power and communications systems being installed are critical for these communities to assure their safety and communicate their stories as they defend their traditional practices and territories. In the past, protecting themselves and their territories has meant using polluting and unreliable diesel and kerosene generators, with fuel being brought in from the outside at significant expense.

resources struggles now have solar energy generation capacity and internet hubs thanks to a partnership between Amazon Watch and Empowered By Light.
Photo credit: Amazon Watch

Solar Plus Communications Equipment

The solar and communications equipment allow these remote communities to communicate internally to improve their safety and engage in cross-community dialogue. Then tell their own story to the broader world. All that directly through new communications technology and training. For they subsequently further are increasing their visibility and safety. Especially  having access to reliable, clean energy. That’s as well as for other community needs. All without relying on dirty energy sources like kerosene or diesel.

“We hope the introduction of clean, renewable solar power will not only help these communities protect the Amazon rainforest. All which is critical for climate stability. Yet  it will also demonstrate to their governments that similar remote or off-grid communities. All can leapfrog fossil fuels. That was said by Moira Hanes. For she is co-founder of Empowered by Light.

Proper Project Planning

Collaborative project planning, along with maintenance and communications trainings. For they really really are integral parts of all of these projects. Especially in order to maximize both system longevity and impact. These projects, all of which were specifically requested by the communities. For they can provide critical external and internal communications capacity. Then thereby allowing communities to increase both their personal safety and visibility. All for their emblematic campaigns.

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